Winter 2018-2019 Core Composite Development League

Registration is open for the Winter 2018-2019 Core Composite Development League! The focus of Core Composite is to learn proper technique in a game setting, improve individual ball skills, participate in 3v3 or 5v5 format style soccer and gain self-confidence as an individual soccer player.


The 3rd Annual St. Louis Steamers Golf Scramble will be held October 13th at Annbriar Golf Club.

Concession Stand and Bathroom Architectural Plans – Minnie Ha Ha

We would like to introduce the concession stand and bathroom architectural plans which will be put in place in November 2018. The images of the plans are below. The City of Sunset Hills approved the site last week and we are excited to announce the building and construction of Steam Machine 2.0!

Halo 3 – Protective Headgear

Unequal Technologies is the maker of the Halo3® headband as well as protective gear for other sports. This sports inspired equipment company was originally a designer of light gear with Kevlar that was to be used by the military and police units around the country. They have over 100 patents which include the Nuro Technology that is incorporated into all of their head protection products. This absorbs and disperses impact shock and reduces acceleration, which, experts agree, decreases the risk of concussions.