Core Values

Core Values of the Club

  • The team is first priority
  • Choose to be positive and friendly to teammates and opponents
  • Separation is in the preparation
  • We do things a certain way for a reason
  • Mean no offense and take no offense with players, parents, referees, opponents
  • Team spirit
  • Invest your best at all times
  • Work hard
  • Do the right thing and have a spirit of excellence in school, sports and family
  • Allow players to make mistakes
  • Team of grace


Responsibilities of the Coach

  • Coaching for St. Louis Steamers Soccer Club is a privilege that carries certain obligations
  • Coaches should conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to the game
  • No profanity
  • Attendance to training sessions/3v3 nights/games is expected. If you are sick/vacation/out of town you need to find a coach to take your place. If your attendance to games, trainings and 3v3 events is not standard we (St. Louis Steamers Soccer Club) will ask to be refunded the coaching credit
  • Coaches should be on time, prepared for training, games, events. Coaches should wear Steamers gear to games, training sessions, 3v3 events. Every coach is provided a pre-determined amount of money for gear. You are responsible for additional gear outside the amount provided by the club
  • Coaches should communicate often with parents and be honest.  When communicating with parents do not “reply ALL” to sensitive information
  • Strive to foster an environment of encouragement, structure and balance to each player.   Give back to the game and be a mentor to your players
  • Never be alone with a player. Use the buddy system and make sure an adult is with you and a player that is not your child. This is mandatory
  • Be “Of Service” to your players and parents. Coaches have a strong role in the development of players. Take the responsibility seriously and act accordingly