There is a purpose for everyone to have their child play soccer. Each purpose will be different but there is a unity amongst a team in that each family comes together to form a team. The team is the family on the sidelines and the players on the field. The Steamers strive to one common goal: to be the best place in the country for soccer players.

We want to be the best place in the country for soccer players. Every attitude and action can be aligned to becoming the best place for soccer players. The way players deal with adversity and the way our parents conduct themselves at games will be with positive actions and ultimately a “team of grace”.

The team is first priority. Adverse behavior or unruly conduct on the field or sidelines cannot be tolerated. Negative attitudes affect the team and the image of the team. Win with grace and lose with grace.

Train to win-play to win. Winning does matter but not at the risk of these core values.


Mission Statement

The St. Louis Steamers are firmly committed to continue producing players and coaches with qualities that meet the high standard necessary to participate. Our goal is to maximize potential by producing better sessions that enhance the players experience.


Core Values
  • The team is first priority
  • Choose to be positive and friendly to teammates and opponents
  • Separation is in the preparation
  • We do things a certain way for a reason
  • Mean no offense and take no offense with players, parents, referees, opponents
  • Team spirit
  • Invest your best at all times
  • Work hard
  • Do the right thing and have a spirit of excellence in school, sports and family
  • Allow players to make mistakes
  • Team of grace