Dear St. Louis Steamers Family,

At our soccer club safety is of the utmost importance.  It seems that every day we hear about the dangers of concussions in all contact sports and its long-term effects on those players that have suffered multiple injuries. After much research and great feedback on the Unequal Halo 3 headgear we have decided to recommend players wear these at practices and games.  Although this equipment does not eliminate the potential for all head trauma it does significantly reduce it.  I have witnessed several instances where children have been involved in incidents that otherwise might have turned out much more severe if it wasn’t for the Halo 3  by Unequal Technologies that they were wearing.

At this time our club is not mandating the use of the Halo3 or other headgear but the trend in soccer certainly is going in this direction.  There is a growing number of professional athletes, universities, clubs and high schools that have adopted its use in the same way that a football player uses their helmet or a baseball player wears a batter’s helmet before hitting.  The biggest pushback that we have received when have vetted several parents and players about its potential use was that they are not proven to eliminate head trauma.  My response is, neither has any protective headgear in any other sport but that doesn’t mean that they should stop wearing it.  Also, it certainly is not going to hurt them or negatively impact their performance on the field.

For some time now we have been in communication with Unequal Technologies that is the maker of the Halo3® headband as well as protective gear for other sports.  This sports inspired equipment company was originally a designer of light gear with Kevlar that was to be used by the military and police units around the country.  They have over 100 patents which include the Nuro Technology that is incorporated into all of their head protection products.  This absorbs and disperses impact shock and reduces acceleration, which, experts agree, decreases the risk of concussions.  The following link includes more information about the Halo3 that will allow you to purchase it directly on their website:       Please don’t forget to put in the code STEAMERS at checkout to receive 20% off your orderIn addition we have also placed a link on our website to make ordering easier.

 My goal is for our club to be an example in our community and in the state of Missouri and to continue to take measures to reduce head trauma in a sport that we cherish. 


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